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Why RanLife?

RanLife is a direct lender that focuses on building communities. We not only provide the lending for your home but also build a long term relationship as we service the majority of our loans after closing! We focus on creating “customers for life!” Every client that has done business with us once, whether a purchase or a refinance, can opt into our Customer for life program, creating a lifetime discount for both you and your referrals, free of charge.

Despite the plethora of loan options offered at RanLife, all are processed and underwritten inhouse, creating fast turn times for our consumers. RanLife has over 17 years’ experience in helping families into homes. Besides the standard conventional and FHA 1st time home buyer loans we have more specialized programs such as USDA, VA, Jumbo Loans, manufactured housing options and even construction loans and can get them done fast! This creates less stress, and a smoother process as we exceed meeting even the toughest deadlines.

RanLife is also one of the 1st companies to offer a 9 month interest rate lock to protect families affordability while they are building a new home! Due to our partnership with Fannie Mae and our aligned values, RanLife was also chosen by Fannie Mae to participate in their pilot program DUTY TO SERVE, which is an incentive offer giving 2000k credits to help families in eligibility rural communities. Housing affordability is highly important to both us and you and we partner with our investors to create solutions to this growing concern.

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